Forex rates compared year on year – how far have we come?

So here we are a year on and a little bit wiser on where the world economies lie and how they are coping. Some are coping better than others. Often forexgive a realistic view of where we are and which economies are performing to a reasonable level. However I have to say that trying to review a countries economy based on their foreign currency performance doesn’t not make sense it would be missleading.

So here we go: I will not be giving you a running commentary on this as prefer for each of you to draw your own conclusions.



31st Dec 2010 = 0.759

31st Dec 2011 = 0.763

This has only shown a dip by the middle of the year only to return back to where it was last year. This seems to follow a “U” shape and is also the same for the following currencies.


31st Dec 2010 = 0.643

31st Dec 2011 = 0.641


31st Dec 2010 = 1.179

31st Dec 2011 = 1.188

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